Spring Cleaning Hacks and Tips

Spring is right around the corner. It’s time to throw open those windows, let out that stuffy winter air and clean out the dirt and muck accumulated during the winter months.

Spring-cleaning is a huge job. You’ve got to take it one step at a time. I’ve compiled a list of some of the best tips to make a big job a little easier.

  1. Crank up the tunes! If you’ve got to clean you might as well shake your tail while you do it. Music makes the job seem less daunting.
  2. Get your whole family involved. We get our daughter to help out and she actually enjoys it. Creating a game out of spring-cleaning makes it a little less tedious.
  3. Put a little shaving cream on carpet stains. If you let it sit for a while most stains will come right out.
  4. Use socks on a different house hold tools to clean things easily. Put a sock over a butter knife to clean air vent covers. Put them over kitchen tongs to clean window blinds. Put socks on your hands dip them in a little soap and water and clean vents and blinds too.
  5. Create a makeshift vacuum attachment. Take a condiment lid the kind with a spout (like a ketchup bottle) and put it over the hose. Use that to get into tight hard to reach places.
  6. Lemons! Lemons are a great non-toxic cleaning agent that smells great. Throw half a lemon with some salt or ice into your garbage disposal to clean and make it smell lemon fresh. Scrub down water faucets on sinks. It removes tough water stains pretty simply. There are lots of uses for lemons here’s a few more Cleaning with lemons!
  7. Tired of digging through your refrigerator to get to the food in the back? Put in a lazy Susan. I did this in my fridge and it changed everything. We now don’t forget about something in the back of the fridge until it spoils. It’s also a big time saver.
  8. Clean your toilet with out any elbow grease by tossing a couple denture cleaning tablets in the bowl and waiting a few hours. Hard water stains will come off without much work at all.
  9. Take some distilled vinegar in a glass and nuke it in the microwave for a minute on high. The crusty food will wipe right away and the odor will be gone too. You can also disinfect sponges by microwaving them for minute as well or throw them into the dishwasher when you run it.
  10. Get the most out of that distilled vinegar. Put a cup of it on the top rack of the dishwasher and run it to clean.
  11. Need another use for distilled vinegar? Submerge showerheads in it overnight for easy clean.
  12. Clean your windows. Before you do make sure the tracks are cleaned and lubed so the windows and sliders open and close smoothly. WD-40 or another non-stick lubricant works the best. To clean the tracks use a vacuum with an attachment (tip #5) to suck up dirt and debris. Break out that distilled vinegar and a rag to clean the rest of the dirt. Now that the track is cleaned don’t forget to clean the actual windows.

Spring cleaning doesn’t have to be the monumental task that it is sometimes made out to be.  To make it even easier do one room a day.  This way you’re not overwhelmed by trying to clean the entire house in one day.  Try to make is as fun as possible and remember it’s only once a year.  You can do it!


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